A checklist for your teenage daughter's first-period kit


Being the parent of a teenager is not an easy job. They are growing, they are moody, they are easily embarrassed and they don’t know what’s happening to them which frustrates them. So what do they do? They lash out, become aloof, rebel - basically become a nightmare for parents everywhere. To top it all, they menstruate, and dealing with menstruation can be tricky. So if this is your first time managing your teenager’s period - here’s a useful checklist that can help you and hopefully your teenager get through it. 

A great way to make your child comfortable about their period is to talk to them about it and try to make it as fun as possible - this will dial down the fear. How does a period become fun? As a parent, you can make your kid a first period kit. 


Here’s what a first-period kit could look like.


Sanitary Pads  

For teenagers who have just begun menstruating, they need all the help they can get - so don’t be afraid to give advice and draw from your own experiences. If you grew up using sanitary pads - you could probably show your child how to wear one. Opt for pads that are softer, have a higher absorbency rate, and do not leak easily - remember, it is all about making your child comfortable. 


 with light and soft pads with high absorbency is a good idea. A larger and longer pad could be used for the night to lock the flow and avoid red mornings, and instead welcome fresh and good mornings.  



Yes, pads are great but they do seem like quite a waste when you’re just spotting. So introduce your child to liners - they go great with tampons as well. 


Teenagers with active lifestyles often think of menstruation as a roadblock to their success. They hate the fact that they bleed and care upset about their period leading to missing football class and swimming lessons. Introduce your kid to tampons - it will help them, continue their activities like before. 


Suitable under clothing with a provision to attach pads easily can be a god save when this time comes unannounced. It is better to be ready with some briefs of appropriate sizes.


Hot water bottle and pain-relieving medicine

(as per consultation from Doctor)

Menstrual pain can be severe and for a teenager, who has a very little understanding of what’s going on, this could be shocking and stressful. It is better to keep some hot water bottles and prescribed medicines in the kit before the acute pain sets in.


Paper bags for disposing menstrual hygiene products 

Discarded papers can be used to dispose of used pads, liners, and tampons. This is an important process to keep the environment and others around safe and clean, hence, it is better to keep it in the kit to let a girl be more responsible from the start.


We know you want the best for your kid and we know managing a first period is easier said than done. But the experience of managing their first period is something that your child will never forget. So make sure they have a memory that’s worth your while. Find out how Lemme Be can help. Click here

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