Heavy Flow Night Sanitary Pads

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The Lemme Be Night Pad makes sure that you have a soft, comfy, and rash-free period to hustle (or not) everyday without care. “Let’s scream idgaf! " ‘Cause Queen, you’re meant to slay!
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Sleep is my bae and periods ain’t gonna come between us. Sink into slumber with Lemme Be’s Night Pads that work like a charm to make you feel comfy and relaxed AF!
1. Pack of 8 pads for night usage
2. 1 usage instruction leaflet
While an average menstruator bleeds upto 45 ml a day on their period, Lemme Be’s Night Pads have an enhanced capacity of 150 ml (>3 pads worth of bleeding). Not just that, the night pads:
• 345 mm long - enhanced coverage (for extra protection)
• Made of 100% organically certified cotton - Super soft against the skin
• It helps you stay rash-free
• No period odor - No chemicals, no bleach
• Leak lock design ensures no stain - Hell yes!
• Can be used all night long - nuff said
• Super skinny (feels like you are wearing nothing)

Could this BE any better? Absolutely!
Our pads are also oxo-biodegradable- this means they are safe for you but safer for the environment. By the time you have your next period, this pad will start to break down.
So go ahead, make that switch!
Sleep is a soulmate, embrace it!
Just go through the "How to use Sanitary Pads" FAQ below to be easily guided through everything related to sanitary pads in one place. Simple isn’t it?! So go ahead, make that switch!

Heavy Flow Night Sanitary Pads
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