Magic Max Bundle
Magic Max Bundle
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Herb n' Cup bundle

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Wanna know the secret to smooth skin and a stress-free period? It’s the collab of Purple blends by Lemme Be - Penders!
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Z Cup Size :
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Let’s keep the skin irritation, rashes, and infections far away to stay smooth, supple, and happy during periods!
Blend in some purple love & essential oils for gentle foaming with Paul Penders’ Herbal Moisture Shower Gel. Restore the natural moisture balance of your hands with Paul Penders’ non-greasy Marigold Handcream. And last but not least, make that determined, sustainable yet thoughtful switch to Z Cup for a rash-free period with Lemme Be!
Herbal Moisture Shower Gel Suitable for all skin types
• Made with refreshing and rejuvenating ingredients
• Deep cleans the skin
• Contains a blend of premium essential oils
• Keeps the skin soft, smooth and moisturised

Marigold Handcream Suitable for oily & combination skin types
• Keeps hands nourished and hydrated
• Keeps hands soft and beautiful
• Helps restore natural moisture balance
• Revitalizes dull and saggy skin

Z Cup Reusable Menstrual Cup
• Upto 25ml capacity for upto 8-12 hours
• Made from medical grade silicone
• No leakage, no rashes
• Rewash and reuse
• Angular cup with a protruding belly
• Indented section for easy insertion
• Longer stem for easy removal
• Better suction for a snug fit
• Reusable between 3-5 years
• Suitable for all ages
• Suitable for all kinds of strenuous activities
Herbal Moisture Shower Gel :
In the shower, apply it to the entire body. Use a body lotion afterward.
Marigold Handcream :
Apply and massage it onto your hands as often as needed.
Z Cup :
It is easy to wear a Z Cup once you get used to it. Click here for a detailed guide!
• 1 Herbal Moisture Shower Gel
• 1 Marigold Handcream
• 1 Z Cup - The menstrual cup
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