Magic Max Bundle
Magic Max Bundle
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Disc n' Glow Bundle

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A combo of exfoliating refreshments with petal smooth hold by Lemme Be- Penders! A pain-free period might not always exist, but a relaxing one sure can with this bundle !
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Turn exhausting trips to the bathroom into a rejuvenating experience! Exfoliate your period stress with Paul Penders’ Active Glow Face Scrub. Worried about some age spots? Lighten them gently with Paul Penders’ Aqualuna Illuminating Cream. Last but not least, a petal smooth disc for an enhanced capacity for upto 8-12 hours Lemme Be’s Z Disc!
Aqualuna Illuminating Cream Suitable for all skin types
• Lightening age spots and evening out skin tone
• Correcting dark spots
• Helps purify and clean the skin
• Leaves the skin feeling fresh and radiant

Active Glow Face Scrub Suitable for oily & combination skin types
• Helps reduce tan and dullness
• Gently exfoliates the skin and removes dead skin cells
• Promotes new cell growth
• Reveals soft and cleansed skin

Z Disc Reusable Menstrual Disc
• Upto 55ml capacity for upto 8-12 hours
• Made from medical grade and petal thin silicone
• So soft that it rolls as thin as a tampon
• Rewash and reuse
• No leakage, no rashes
• Easy insertion and removal
• Flat-fit for absolute comfort & mess-free period sex
• Leak-proof double rim
• No suction
• Reusable between 3-5 years
• Suitable for all kinds of strenuous activities
• Suitable for all ages
Aqualuna Illuminating Cream :
Use on clean and dry skin. Apply where needed once or twice a day. Allow the cream to dry before applying moisturizer. Allow several weeks for results to appear.
Active Glow Facial Scrub :
After cleansing face and neck, apply scrub and massage in circular motions for 1-5 minutes to exfoliate. Rinse gently and pat dry. Follow by skin toner and moisturizer suitable to your skin type. For best results, apply 2 times per week
Z Disc :
It is easy to wear a Z Disc once you get used to it. Click here for a detailed guide!
• 1 Aqualuna Illuminating Cream
• 1 Active Glow Face Scrub
• 1 Z Disc - Reusable menstrual disc
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