Embracing vs despising periods: What is the approach of Millennial


 Embracing vs despising periods: What is the approach of Millenials


Let's first get into a flashback...

Once upon a time, periods were never given the amount of required attention rather they were always demeaned by everyone by making it sound like a disease or illness which also questioned a woman’s purity and therefore restricted them from doing various activities and visiting certain places. Restrictions were also backed by humiliation, the word "periods" was treated as some ghastly element which was very unpleasant to speak in public. Discussions on periods were also considered a stigma and our so-called society came up with few self labels like ‘Time of the month’, ‘Girly things’, ‘Code Red’ just to soothe their backward thoughts. As time advanced, generations also moved forward to evolve and raised their voices not to follow these unreal thoughts that have been shadowing around menstruation for ages.


Millennials who are considered to be a restless generation are also understood to be highly ambitious and believe in nurturing their empowering thoughts with logic rather than derogatory thoughts. And this makes them the first generation to be vocal about breaking the period taboo and educating the world that periods are normal and a part of female body functionality which requires care and support.


Back once, girls themselves treated periods like a shameful act that they always used to cover up with some silly excuse or withdrawing themselves from the outside world but not anymore. The millennials have become outspoken enough to make people understand that menstruation is a healthy sign of womanhood and one should embrace it with confidence and achieve milestones while they are on their periods.


Today’s millennials are trying every bit to educate the growing girls and women around the evolved thoughts of periods. A study conducted by Lunette with 2000 women of age 18-38 years revealed that 65% of women still believe that periods are considered to be shameful in our society. Nevertheless, these thoughts and restrictions never hindered the goals and aspirations of millennials. They were never hesitant to talk about periods or menstruation, in fact, they became more vocal with their message of period freedom. As it was further disclosed by the Lunette survey that 78% of millennials think periods are not anymore an embarrassing topic and therefore can be discussed, with sheer dignity and courage. So, instead of following the monotonous and conventional rules formed by society for periods millennials bring out the rebel in them and disregard all of them and live their periods days on their own terms and openly speak out the word “Period” with the opposite sex to make them understand that its what they go through every month and deserve to be treated with equality rather than keeping them at bay.


So, this generation owns their periods with grace and speaks out to the world that nothing can take away their glow as they are new-age chicks who embrace their periods. As this young girl is backed up by Lemme Be sanitary products which give her the power and strength to show the world what is capable of without worrying about stains, rashes or even making false excuses for missing your beach days and sporty event. 


Our young and vibrant days come only once in a lifetime so we shouldn’t let periods rule us.  Move out freely and let the world know how a girl on her period can turn heads with her moves.

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