Helping your girlfriend through her periods


Helping your girlfriend through her periods

The ultimate boyfriend cheat sheet:


Boys, it’s time to prepare for war! It’s “that time of the month” again; the perfect time for you to be on your best behavior, and bag those extra brownie points. So, sit back, take notes, and most importantly BREATHE!


Once every 28 days, the uterus decides to stage its own “Fight Club”, inside your girlfriend’s body. And as a loving and caring boyfriend, it’s your duty to make sure that you try and minimize the collateral damage. A girl on her periods is not to be messed with. One wrong step, and you’ll be bringing the roof down on your head. What do you do then? I hope you are taking down notes:


  • Be understanding and patient:

    This is not the time to panic. I repeat, “DO NOT FREAK OUT”! You need to understand that she's only acting differently because of the crazy hormonal changes taking place in her body. This is the time to be comforting and extra-extra kind. Show her your support and assure her that you will be there through it all.


  • Get her whatever she needs:

    Don’t question her, just do it! Whether it’s getting her a nice warm blanket, or running out to the supermarket to bring her pads and tampons of her favourite snacks, do it without any hesitation. Add that extra effort of making sure that she’s cozy and comfortable. She’ll definitely appreciate it.


  • Compliments go a long way, my friends:

    Tell her how cute she looks, compliment her pretty dress. A girl is really sensitive and insecure about herself during this phase, so it is your responsibility to make sure she feels like the queen she is. Showing a little bit of love and care really goes a long way.


  • Distract her from the discomfort:

    The pain is real, guys!  Do whatever you can to lessen her suffering. IMPROVISE. Take her to her favourite cafe, go for a nice breezy walk, watch her favourite movie or TV show, give her a massage. Take her mind off the uterus torture. And NEVER ever tell her, it’s just a little pain. Like Rachael Greene once said, “No uterus, no opinión.”


  • Comfort food for the win:

    Every girl on her period is probably more in love with chocolates than she is with you. Just kidding. Or am I? Jokes aside, most women crave sugar and fried food during their periods. Find out what your partner’s comfort food is, and voilà! You’ve earned yourself a lot of extra stars. Plan a nice romantic dinner, surprise her. She’ll love it.


    Alright, it’s game time. Godspeed, brothers!

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