Merry Menstruation - Dealing with periods during the Christmas holidays


Why am I dreading this Christmas, you ask? 


Because I got my last period on the 27th of November. What does this mean? 


This is going to be a red Christmas indeed!


Mood swings and family - not a good combination. On top of that, there’s the worry that my second cousin (twice removed) is going to point at my pants and giggle in case of an accidental spill. 


To top it all, the back and forth runs to the bathroom are sure to tip off my entire extended family about my time of the month. I’m just hoping they don’t think it’s a bad case of diarrhea.  Speaking of, there’s also all the good food that I’m sure to miss out on. And of course, the bloating that is going to keep me from wearing my perfectly planned outfit. 


So how do I make sure that I have a merry menstruation?


  • Spending a little bit of time to save a lot of it -
    By making sure that I change my tampons or pads on time, I can save on a lot of time that would otherwise go into cleaning up after myself.
  • Being prepared -
    Rather than having to cancel my plans at the last minute due to cramps, a quick prescription from my gynecologist and a small dose of pain relief in my purse is sure to keep the Christmas spirit going.
  • No candy cane this Christmas?
    My cravings for sweets are always the worst during my periods. Adding all the Christmas candy to the mix? Not a good idea. There’s still a lot of Christmas food on my plate. A carefully selected menu will keep me from missing out on the rest of the fun.
  • Staying Hydrated -
    A little water goes a long way in helping out with the cramps and all the craziness! I even have this app on my phone that reminds me to drink water. This could also give me a much needed minute to breathe between all the excitement. Not to mention all the delicious Christmas fruit juices that I can’t wait to relish!
  • And now the real fun ends -
    Sleep is the most magical healer, especially during my periods. Pushing myself late after midnight because of my FOMO only to miss out on the entire next day is not the perfect plan. After all, Santa cannot visit if I don’t go to sleep.
  • The theme is red -
    Even if I do have an accidental spill or the multiple restroom visits give me away, I know that there’s nothing to be ashamed of! I’m going to accept that this is a natural, healthy process.

I know it’s not ideal that I got my last period on the 27th of November. But I’ve decided that this doesn’t have to be the end of the world, it’s only the end of the year. It is, after all, Christmas time and all it’ll take is a few simple precautions for me to have a merry menstruation

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