Taking care of your mental health during periods


Taking care of your mental health during periods


Yes! Our menses do indeed affect our mood, routine, and more importantly our mental health! This differs from person to person. For example, one person may get moody or tired whilst the other may get angry or even a little disruptive. The truth is, there is no rule book for defining your mood swings during your periods. However, there is one thing you can do, that is- take care of your mental health! Sounds simple? Let’s show you how. 

Here are a few tips and tricks to take care of your mental health during your menses.


  • Proper Sleep: 
  • During your periods', sleep is your new best friend. Getting adequate sleep not only relaxes your physical body but also keeps your mind elevated and relaxed. Sleep aids in creating and regulating important chemicals in our brain that assist in managing our mental health, emotions & moods. In simpler terms, a sleepless night is a cranky night for your body & mind.


  • Balanced diet:

    They say you are what you eat! In this, it just might be true. Having a healthy diet, consisting of proteins, & leafy vegetables helps in boosting your moods and aiding your mental health. Avoid consuming junk or caffeine as they tend to add strain to your body as well as your mind.


  • Don't Stress!

    Very often, stress seems unavoidable, however knowing the right tools to cope with stress is beneficial for your mind. Certain things such as making lists, or taking short breaks between work, do help in managing your stress and mental health inevitably. Moreover, pacing yourself without over exhaustion does help your body and mind to calibrate. In other words, a stress-free mind is a happy mind!


  • More Sun, please!

    Sunlight serves to be a great source of vitamin D. Scientifically, vitamin D is essential for our body as it helps release important chemicals like serotonin & endorphins that truly improve our state of mind. Taking a walk, sunbathing, or even opening a window can help you build your mental peace in addition to elevating your mood!


  • Regular exercise and physical activity

    Supporting your mental health is all about doing regular physical exercises. Physical activity aids in eliminating low moods, stress, and even anxiety. Furthermore, it not only gives you a sense of accomplishment but also uplifts your mood leaving you in a happy mental state. Simple exercises are extremely effective when it comes to healthy living.


    We all know that our menses can be a difficult time for us, however, the important thing to remember is not to avoid your mental health. Doing something you love, for example cooking your favorite meal, or binging on your favorite Netflix show can work wonders. This does go a long way when it comes to having a happy state of mind. A happy mind leads to happy menses.

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