Five Reasons Tampons Are Your Best Friends!

Even though we don’t really need a day to celebrate friendship, it’s always good to know there is a day dedicated to the only family we can choose! There is no perfect definition for a friend, except the fact that they have always got your back. They are going to stay with you come what may and accept you as you are!
Here’s why tampons too, are your best friends!

They give you comfort- A friend, in any situation, gives you that comfort to feel whatever you do. A friend never questions, or blames. Tampons neither! They comfort you on your most difficult and painful days, without any questions, or complains.

They make you feel confident- Friends can make you feel confident and amazing even on days when you feel like a potato (not that potatoes are not amazing!). On your worst day, with hormones going haywire, and the stain scare gripping you tight, Tampons give you the much-needed confidence!

They will not hurt you, ever- The best part about friends is that they will never intentionally hurt you. Tampons, likewise, will never hurt you either. You can safely insert it inside your vagina, forget about it, and live a rash-free period! MiraiMe tampons are particularly awesome with 100% cotton material!

They are always easy- Friends can be complicated individuals, but always easy to be with! Just like tampons! It is easy to use, easy to dispose of, and easy to carry. Even when it’s inside, it will never be difficult to carry. In fact, you will forget you’re bleeding (except when you’re having cramps!).

They set you free- Friends do not cage you, or restrict you, and try to fit you into a box they fashion. They let you free and let you be. Tampons, similarly, will give you the freedom you want on your periods. You can go swimming, you can pee without worrying, you can go rock climbing, and what not!

Wishing you all an incredibly Happy Friendship Day from MiraiMe. Order, experience, and befriend a tampon. You can always count on them.

-Swetha Mishra

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