What is a panty liner? 

A panty liner is a smaller version of a sanitary pad. It doesn’t have wings but it can be stuck to your undies just like a pad. It’s perfect for those last days of flow when there’s barely any  blood. You can also pair it with a tampon in case you know you’re not going to be able to change your tampon as often as recommended. 

How to use a panty liner? 

Just like you’d wear a sanitary pad! Just peel off the adhesive strip and place it inside your undies. The organically grown cotton on LemmeBe liners will ensure your skin will not be irritated by using a LemmeBe liner. 

How to dispose of a panty liner? 

Again, just like a pad! Place the used liner in toilet paper or in a newspaper before you dispose of it. Check with your residential complex’s rules for disposing sanitary waste. 

What is spotting? 

Spotting is bleeding a few drops of blood - this could be a sign that your period is starting. It could also be a sign that your period is ending.

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