How to use a sanitary pad?  

Using a sanitary pad is fairly easy. Just follow these simple steps - 

  • Unwrap your LemmeBe sanitary pad from its protective film. 
  • You could be standing or seated while wearing your sanitary pad. 
  • Peel of the adhesive on the back of the pad
  • Bring your panties down to your knees and place the sanitary pad. 
  • Use the wings of the pad to secure it to your panties. 
  • Save the LemmeBe wrapper to wrap the used sanitary pad 

How to dispose of a sanitary pad? 

Disposing off a sanitary pad correctly is important. Always wrap the used pad in a newspaper or toilet paper before placing it in the bin. Also check with your residential complex’s rules on correct ways to dispose of a sanitary pad. 

How do I know what pad works for me? 

If you’ve just started chumming, it might take a few tries before you know what menstrual hygiene products work best for you. It could be pads, it could be tampons, or even be a combination of both. Take your time, you’ll eventually learn about your flow patterns and be able to decide what to wear during your period. 

What are day pads and night pads? 

Your flow can be different on different days of your period. So to manage your flow better, LemmeBe offers Day pads and Night pads. The Night pads have a wider rear to ensure you’re comfortable when you sleep. 

Can I wear night pads during the day? 

Yes, you can. There is no hard and fast rule that night pads should only be worn while you sleep. Night pads have the benefit of a widened rear that allows you to sleep without worry. So on days with a heavier flow, you could wear night pads during the day.

How often should I change my sanitary pad? 

As often as you like. Ideally, sanitary pads should be changed every six to eight hours but if you prefer to change pads more frequently, go for it. 

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