Gone are the days when a little bit of blood could intimidate us and put a full stop to all our plans. We don’t stop for anyone anymore. We are here, we bleed. Period 

So many people across India are discovering what it’s like to not let a period get in the way of our daily lives; what it’s like to not let rashes and the fear of stains give us sleepless nights; what it’s like to not wake up with the dread that the bed has been stained red (hey, that rhymes). 

With its organically grown cotton and super absorbent, leak protection design, every single sanitary hygiene product from LemmeBe is determined to make chumming easier than what it is. So go ahead, bleed. We’ve got you covered. 

Socially responsible is the new sexy 

We can’t stress enough that every person using plastic coated pads, tampons and liners is adding to the huge mess of sanitary waste that’s choking our planet. While a single person can’t clean it up, you can do your bit to not choke our planet. LemmeBe sanitary hygiene products are oxo biodegradable - they will start breaking down by the time you have your next period. Let’s make this world a better place, one period at a time. 

Until then, tell your period to just LemmeBe. 




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