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Panty Liners

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With an elongated size of 150mm, Lemme Be Pantyliners are capable of dealing with any kind of leak.
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We’re not fans of spotting and we’re sure neither are you. To have to live in fear in the weeks before the period and those annoying last couple of days of the period. There might be bleeding, there might not. It drives us crazy, doesn’t it? But a Lemme Be liner can take care of that spotting for you. It’s long enough so that you don’t have to worry about leaks and it’s cottony soft, so you’re comfy no matter what. Next time you’re chumming, give it a whirl, girl!
• Made from 100% Certified Organic cotton Ten units per package.
• Oxo Biodegradable.
• Individually packed liners
• 150 mm coverage- provides the best results.
• Designed in Europe
Pack of 10 Lemme Be Panty Liners
Wearing a liner is really easy. Simply tear the protective wrapper, peel the sticker at the pack of the liner and place the liner onto your underwear. You’re good to go!
Panty Liners
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