Laurik Stress Free Tablets

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Key Features
  • The natural, Ayurvedic ingredients of Stress-Free Tablets help in strengthening the system and calm the agitated mind
  • Through regular consumption, it works to promote good health and well-being
  • The combination of these powerful & revitalizing nervine herbs rejuvenates the mind and body and keeps you stress-free.



In this fast-paced world, we can all become fatigued, exhausted, and stressed out. We are a self-care brand dedicated to helping people combat the problems caused by the modern lifestyle and lead healthier lives. Stress-Free Tablets are formulated from 100% natural ingredients that support the body's systems and soothe an anxious mind. Taking them regularly, helps promote good health and well-being. Stress-Free Tablets have been developed especially to assist in reducing stress, relieving tension, soothing headaches, and keeping energy levels.

Helps in
✔ Relieves Stress Naturally

✔ Reduces Anxiety 
✔ Calms Mind

How it works

Reduces Stress, Anxiety & Calms mind with 100% Pure Real food Vitamins & Minerals

How to Use

Take 1 in the morning after breakfast & 1 in the night after dinner or as directed by your physician

Are these Natural?

400+ contaminant tests are passed by Laurik tablets before putting them in a bottle for you. Laurik tablets are blend of powder form Natural ingredients and sourced from Clean organic farms. 100% Pure & 0% Side effects.