Metallic Print Period Panties - Pad-free Periods | Skin-friendly | Leakproof | Reusable

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Product description

Say goodbye to the discomfort of bulky pads and tampons, and hello to the revolution of period panties!

Features -

Package Content -
1 graphic print maroon period panties

Utility -
Comfortable to be worn while sleeping, travelling, playing sports and unsure period dates

How To Use / Wash -
You can wear them normally like underwear.
Rinse the underwear with cold water.
Machine wash post rinsing out menstrual fluid or hand wash like regular underwear.
During heavy periods, it is advisable to change your panties more than once a day.

Material Composition -
3rd Party Lab Tested, Innermost Lining - Anti Microbial Fabric
Middle - Laminated Fleece and Laminated TPU Shell Fabric - Stretchable Cotton Lycra

Disclaimer -
Safety Claim is based on sample Period Panties testing free of PFAS and phthalate only. We do not make any all-encompassing safety claims for parameters we have not tested or are unaware of."