Lemme Be Z-Drip (Re-usable Leakproof Underwear) - Pack of 2

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No wings, no strings, no folds, no rolls, just Lemme Be’s Z Drip, a sustainable & slick underwear that goes with any FIT!

Don’t you wanna dial down the period discomfort too? With 30ml capacity & 4-6 hours of leak protection, Lemme Be’s Z Drip traps the sticky moisture to help you stay dry and fresh. Now no more worries of changing outfits to avoid the bulky pads, no more wedgies and no more rash!

Wait up...it's not just for period days, you can wear it to the gym to avoid sweat patches, or put it on to control weak bladder & discharges! Put the worries of intimate hygiene concerns away, just go ahead and slay!

Lemme Be Z Drip (period underwear)

Why should you choose Lemme Be Z Drip?

It’s been too long since we are compromising our menstrual & intimate hygiene, but not anymore. Let’s start prioritizing ourselves before anything else!

Z Drip is made of 4 layers:
• The body is made up of sustainable bamboo fiber & 5% lycra for some stretch.
• The top layer is made of soft cotton
• The middle layer is made of 56% bamboo fiber, 24% cotton, & 20% polyester
• The final layer is made of 100% breathable TPU to seal the drip!

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better:
• Excellent capacity of 30 ml
• 4-6 hours of leak protection
• No stainy patches, no rashes
• Rewash and reuse
• Reusable for 6 months
• Suitable for all ages
• Super-absorbent
• Sustainable
• Eco-friendly
Our Z Drip is super safe, secure, durable & also friendly with the greens- in the environment as well as your pocket!
It works exactly like your normal underwear, but in a much better way! You can wear it with your pantyliner/ pads/ tampons/ Z Cup/ Z Disc for extra protection.
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