Heavy Flow Tampons (Pack of 15)

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Lemme Be’s Heavy Flow tampons are sustainable, completely biodegradable, chemical-free & very small in size that makes young menstruators’ heavy days feel light and light days feel even lighter.
Without being exposed to any pesticides, we responsibly source 100% certified organic cotton for the peace of mind and health of your body. Lemme Be’s sustainable period product goes forward to ensure an eco-friendly system!
Pack of 15 heavy flow tampons
Can stay up to 3-4 hours depending on your flow and it has a capacity of 9 ml
Tampons may sound daunting but trust us they are VERY easy to use! Our FAQ given below will walk you through step by step how to 1. Use, and 2. Remove it comfortably.

Heavy Flow Tampons (Pack of 15)
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