You need not Fake this time! A Playful Guide to Genuine Pleasure

by Devidutta Dash on May 03, 2024

You need not Fake this time! A Playful Guide to Genuine Pleasure

 The same old script played out like a broken record every time things got steamy. Our ‘Miss always winning in life’ had her lines memorized: the exaggerated moans, the theatrical gasps, authentic joy hacks and the obligatory 'Ohh Wow' thrown in for good measure. It was like a scripted play with predictable twists and turns, and before she knew it, the show was over.

Hey folks, let's understand the genuine delight secrets of genuine pleasure with our friend missy. She's all about honesty, except when it cums! Sorry we meant to say come to her orgasms. With her 'Alpha in the Streets, Teddy Bear in the Sheets' partner, things were hot but lacking authenticity. Faking it became a nightly ritual until Missy decided it's time for a genuine joy ride. So she decided to take the matter under her hands

What she did?

GOOGLE! Of Course and she found out that about 80% of women admit to faking it every time they have sex.

It is surprising to us also at least there are other people as well performing the same show every time when it is about sexual pleasure and orgasms.

5 Missy’s hilarious but genuine reasons of why women fake orgasms that are 100% true

See these reasons might seem funny and trust us they are but it is the harsh, unaid and unacknowledged truth that everyone is hushh hushhh about!

  1. To fast-track the snooze-fest: Missy once recounted a night where she was more interested in counting sheep than chasing pleasure. Faking it was her shortcut to wrapping things up and catching some z's.
  2. To stroke his ego as vast as his delusions: There was that time when Missy's partner strutted like a peacock after what she described as a 'meh' experience. Faking it saved the awkward deflation of his ego-balloon.

  3. To dodge the 'So, how was it?' interrogation: Missy avoided the post-coital inquisition with a few well-placed moans. Why dissect the mediocre when you can just sigh in satisfaction and move on?

  4. Because fake moans are easier than honest feedback: She confessed to giggling internally as she perfected her fake moans. It was like winning an Oscar for Best Performance in Pretending.

  5. To skip to the post-coital cuddles (who needs the fireworks show anyway?): Missy's motto became 'fake it till you make it to cuddle time'. Why bother with the grand finale when snuggling awaits?

Do men also fake orgasm?

In her pursuit of genuine pleasure, Missy stumbled upon a secret—men also fake orgasms! Why? It's like peeking into the playful antics of the male mind during intimate moments. From boosting egos to skipping the awkward post-coital chat, men have their own cheeky reasons for putting on a show. 

Research analysis of this new paradigm is required, but we will begin by analyzing female faking! 

                                           —Taking one fake at a time—

Missy’s discovered delight secrets for soaring to cloud 9:

  • Open Conversation: Picture this—a cozy night, soft music playing, and a candid chat about desires. It's like unlocking real satisfaction techniques, a secret chamber of fantasies where honesty is the key. Missy found that discussing what she likes and dislikes with her partner not only built intimacy but also led to mind-blowing experiences. So, toss aside the script of fakery and let the real words flow.

  • Get Down and Dirty: Forget the movie scenes where everything magically falls into place. Real pleasure requires effort, exploration, and a willingness to dive deep. Missy learned that focusing on her pleasure wasn't selfish; it was a gift to both her and her partner. So, indulge in foreplay, explore erogenous zones, and let the passion build naturally.

  • Stimulation is Key: Ah, the power of a good massage! But we're not talking about a spa day here. The Lemme Ride Wave massager isn't just any toy; it's a real pleasure playbook. Its innovative design and pulsating waves create waves of pleasure that'll leave you craving for more. Missy swears by it, and once you try it, you'll understand why.

  • Try Something New: Routine can be the enemy of pleasure. So, why not spice things up? From trying out new positions to introducing toys or role play, there's a world of possibilities waiting to be explored. Missy's escapades into the realm of novelty brought excitement, laughter, and unforgettable moments.

  • Listen and Learn: Communication isn't just about words; it's about decoding desires through cues and expressions. Missy discovered that paying attention to the partner's reactions and feedback during intimacy was like having a secret manual to pleasure. It's the little moans, gasps, and whispers that guide you to the sweet spot of satisfaction.

You have Wave Lemme Ride then why fake?

  • This marvel of massage technology takes you on a wild joy ride through 5 meticulously crafted modes. Whether you're in the mood for gentle whispers or boomin beats, Wave's got your back, or should we say, your backside covered!
  • But wait, there's more! Say goodbye to noisy interruptions with Wave's hush-hush sexual wellness tech. It's like having a secret agent of genuine happiness hacks, ensuring your massage retreat stays tranquil and discreet. No unwanted attention, just pure blissful vibes.
  • And let's talk about luxury! Wave is crafted with premium body-safe materials, giving you a velvety-smooth massage experience that's as secure as a hug from your favorite teddy bear. Its soft-touch exterior feels like a dream on your skin, delivering an exquisite journey to relaxation town.
  • Need a splash of fun? Wave's waterproof prowess turns any bath or shower into a spa-like oasis. It's like taking your relaxation game from zero to splish-splash-tastic in no time!
  • Oh, and let's not forget the eco-friendly vibes. Wave is USB rechargeable, so say goodbye to battery hassles and hello to extended massage bliss. Just plug it into any USB port and let the good times roll. Wave Lemme Ride: Making waves of pleasure, one massage at a time!


Can we just hit pause on the fake moans and scripted scenes? It's time to take one fake at a time and embrace genuine pleasure. Whether it's open conversations, getting down and dirty, exploring new experiences, or simply listening and learning, let's toss aside the script of fakery and dive into a world of real satisfaction. And when you're ready to elevate your pleasure game, remember there's Lemme Be—your secret weapon for authentic ecstasy. So, why fake it when Lemme Be can make it happen?"

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