Lemme Be is a new-age, revolutionary period care brand that is normalising conversations around periods AND providing soft and comfy menstrual care!!

Our sustainable and eco-friendly products are super comfy for the users and great for the environment as well.

At Lemme Be, we are an inclusive community. We are superheroes who take the lead even while we bleed.


Lemme Be’s Campus Ambassador Program aims to build a squad of energetic and outspoken students to build a community to spread awareness about period care, sustainability, and inclusivity.

The program offers you a chance to learn and polish your skills and it doesn’t stop there! Being part of this exclusive community will open paths for you to network and facilitate your growth and learning.

By becoming a member of the Lemme Be Squad, you get to be part of different types of activities that would help you create your presence on your campus.


You can be part of the Lemme Be Squad if you -

1.Are a college student currently enrolled in a graduate/postgraduate program in India or Dubai

2.Have a strong command over verbal and written English.

3.Want to break the stigma around menstruation

4.Are bold, energetic, and outspoken.

5.Are creative and have the zeal to learn new things.

Be a part of the Lemme Be Squad