Pack of 20 Teen Day Sanitary Pads

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Key Features

- Flow Flexibility: With a cool 8-12ml capacity, Lemme Be's Teen Day Pads are your sidekick, 240mm long, ensuring comfort all day – because who needs drama?

- Cotton Cotton Everywhere: GOTS approved 100% pure cotton pads that are skinny and sturdy as your favorite jeans, accompanying you hassle-free for 4-6 hours – it's like a cotton dream come true!

- Soft Hug: Lemme Be's ultrasoft organic pads – not just for women but for every menstruator wanting to be rash-free all day. It's like a cozy hug for your lady bits!

- Wing Warriors: These pads come with wings, like the superheroes of menstrual care. Dermatologically tested, they're on a mission to be free from harmful chemicals, bleach, and artificial fragrance – because your lady bits deserve the VIP treatment!

- Eco-Chic: Lemme Be's Teen Day Pads aren't just budget-friendly; they're oxo-biodegradable. Being environmentally conscious is not just a trend, it's a lifestyle – your period included!"

Lemme Be's Teen Day Pads: Your perfect buddy for 4-6 hours of carefree comfort - skinny with soft cotton, equipped with wings for a worry-free day. Dermatologically tested, chemical-free champs, and eco-friendly with oxo-biodegradable flair, because your period desreves effortless awesomeness!
How to Use

How to use?
Using a sanitary pad is fairly easy. Just follow these simple steps -
• Unwrap your LemmeBe sanitary pad from its protective film. You could be standing or seated while wearing your sanitary pad.
• Peel the adhesive on the back of the pad Bring your panties down to your knees and place the sanitary pad. Use the wings of the pad to secure it to your panties.
• Save the LemmeBe wrapper to wrap the used sanitary pad.

Pack of 20 Teen Day Sanitary Pads

Pack of 20 Teen Day Sanitary Pads

Regular price ₹ 200
Sale price ₹ 200 Regular price