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Z drip leak proof period underwear

Z-Drip (Re-usable period underwears) - Pack of 2

Lemme Be Z Drip is a super soft, super comfy reusable period underwear that offers fuss free comfort as compared to pads with no fear of leakage and staining. Say NO to pads and YES to easy and comfy periods!
Made with skin friendly and antibacterial material, this highly absorbent inner wear can also double up to soak any kind of discharge on your normal days as well.So, go ahead, Slip On and Move On!

Z Drip is made of 4 layers:
● The body is made up of sustainable bamboo fiber & 5% lycra for some stretch.
● The top layer is made of soft cotton
● The middle layer is made of 56% bamboo fiber, 24% cotton, & 20% polyester
● The final layer is made of 100% breathable TPU to seal the drip!

Z Drip is super safe, secure, durable & also friendly with the greens- in the environment as well as your pocket, comes with the following features :
● Excellent capacity of 30 ml
● 4-6 hours of leak protection
● No stainy patches, no rashes
● Rewash and reuse
● Reusable for 6 months
● Suitable for all ages
● Super-absorbent
● Sustainable
● Eco-friendly
1. Look for the front of the panty.
2. Wear it like a regular panty, ensuring that the seams are in place and you feel comfortable.
3. Use for 4 to 6 hours.
4. The period panty fits your body perfectly and is leak proof so you don't need to wear any pad or underwear with it.
5. Hand wash your Z Drip in lukewarm water or machine wash with other delicates.
6. And Voila! It's ready for you next cycle.✨

Care instructions
• Do not iron.
• Do not dry clean.
• Do not use bleach or softener.

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