Z Disc Menstrual Disc

Reusable Medical Grade Silicone Menstrual Disc with soft pouch

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Key Features

- Cosmic Comfort: Menstrual disc, your ticket to comfort that's out of this world – because periods should be a breeze, not a black hole!

- Flexi-Wonder: Like a superhero for your flow, this disc bends and flexes with your every move – yoga poses and dance-offs included!

- Stealth Mode Activated: Designed to be so discreet, it's practically a secret agent – you'll forget it's even there. Mission: Invisible Periods, accomplished!

- No String Attached: Literally! No strings attached – it's like the James Bond of menstrual products. Smooth, sleek, and ready for action!

- Reusable Royalty: Eco-friendly royalty – this disc is reusable, making it the green queen of menstrual solutions. Mother Earth approves!

- Drama-Free Dive: Dive into activities worry-free – swimming, running, conquering the world – because this disc is your trusty sidekick for every adventure!


Lemme Be's Z Disc: India's first, your go-to for mess-free period sex! No leaks, no stains, just pure comfort. Reusable for 3-5 years, made with super-thin silicone. It's BPA-free, safe, and a hygiene rockstar! Ready for all activities, heavy flow days, and zero waste. Sleep easy, feel as light as a rolled-up tampon – no suction, no worries! Bonus: Comes with a super cute silicone case to carry around in and..it looks adorbs!

How to Use

How to Insert -
Pinch the disc to form an 8 shape with your fingers and thumb.
Relax and squat or sit down to insert
Gently slide it in, till it rests behind your pubic bone.
Wear for up to 12 hours
Ways to Insert
Sit down and bring your knees closer to your chest.
Sit on the pot and bring one leg up.
Sit on the pot and spread both legs wide.
Simply squat on the floor.
How to Remove -
Simply squat and apply pressure like you would when you have a bowel movement.
Tug at the edges of the disc with your index finger. It should slide out with ease.
Once the disc moves to your vaginal canal, remember to hold it in a way that avoids any spillage.
Just rinse the disc and re-use!