Lemme Be Steam Sterilizer - Steam it up

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Key Features

• Kills 99.9% bacteria: Clean your menstrual cup and disc inside out with Lemme Be’s steam sterilizer.
• Easy to use & Portable: Just follow the instructions and you’re good to go!
• Environment friendly: The green partners of the environment.
• BPA free: No chemicals to ensure your insides are safe.
• Automatic power off: No need to keep an eye out to switch it off.
• Portable: Carry it anywhere you want while travelling.


With Lemme Be Steam Sterilizer - stay calm and assured, knowing that your period care cups & discs or even the intimacy toys are sanitized and free from bacteria or any organisms making them totally clean and perfectly sterile for your next use !

With 99 W of power, the steam penetrates & gives a 360° total cleanup and reliable sanitization for all your period care products.

Great capacity so it allows you to stack up your period products like menstrual cups, discs or sex toys at once.

Forget the complex instructions, Lemme Be made it easy for you! All you need to do is add a little water, put the product to be sterilized inside, cover it up and press the plug and the button placed on the sterilizer ONN for just 3 minutes and yes, do not worry to keep an eye to switch it off - it does that on it’s own!

Our portable sterilizer allows you to carry it anytime, anywhere - making it travel friendly and a customer favorite amongst students living in hostels or for people living as paying guests because it does not require any access to stoves or microwaves.

We will leave the rest of the convincing to be done, on our amazing sterilizer, come on now, it’s time to steam it up ;)

How to Use

• Add 5ml pure water and place the cup that needs to be sterilized inside.
• Put the cover on.
• Press the button if the light is not on, and you are good to go!
• Plug and switch on the Sterilizer.

Care Instructions

• Steam It Up - cannot function without water, ensure you add water before you use it.
• Do not put the device in water. Keep the device away from moisture.
• This STEAM IT UP switches off automatically. Once it goes off, the power button will not be press-able to avoid the device working in high temperature continuously.
• Please wait for 10 minutes more to let the temperature inside the steamer go down enough to touch, releasing the power button making it press-able again.
• Ensure that the device is working on a stable connection. Deled and heat-resistant platform, such as a table without any tablecloth on it. Do not use Steam It Up on a platform which cannot resist heat, such as a carpet or a rug.

Lemme Be Steam Sterilizer - Steam it up

Lemme Be Steam Sterilizer - Steam it up

Regular price ₹ 1,499
Sale price ₹ 1,499 Regular price ₹ 1,999