Z Drip Period Underwear
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Z Drip
Reusable Period Underwear

Pack of 2

Cushy & comfy- It'll feel just like second skin

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Flow: 30ml = 2 regular sanitary pads | 2 medium flow tampons

For: Absorbs EVERYTHING! Periods, discharge, Incontinence, sweat - We've got your butt covered!

Feels: Satiny soft, smooth & full bum coverage - you'll forget you're wearing anything!

Impact: One time purchase. Fewer Disposables. Fewer last minute period runs to the store.
Key Features

One Man Army: With a capacity of 120ml, one Z Drip is equivalent to 4 sanitary pads or 6 medium tampons.

All Night Long: Get up to 8 hours of leak protection. Hello, zen sleep!

Master of All Trades: The Z Drip absorbs everything! The heaviest of flows, the leakiest bladders, the stickest of discharge, and the sweatiest of paches.

Eco-friendly Girlie: Has a lifespan of 6 months making your period choices super eco-friendly & sustainable!


The Z drip is everything you need- A classic mid raise brief with complete bum coverage. With 4 layer protection, it's designed to keep you dry, comfy & leak locked from medium flow days, light incontinence. So say bye-bye to those itchy-rashy pads & say helloo to comfy, confident, & protected periods - All this while saving the planet on your flow!

Fabric & Care Instructions

Z Drip is made of 4 layers:
• LAYER 1 : Cotton
• LAYER 2 : Polyester
• LAYER 3 : Polyester + TPU
• LAYER 4 : 90% Polyamide + 10% Elastane

Rinse in cold water until the water runs clear

Cold wash your underwear either by hand or machine. Use mild detergent. Don't use bleach or fabric softener

Air dry your period underwear. Do not machine dry or iron.

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How to use

1. Look for the front of the panty.
2. Wear it like a regular panty, ensuring that the seams are in place and you feel comfortable.
3. Use for 4 to 6 hours.
4. The period panty fits your body perfectly and is leak proof so you don't need to wear any pad or underwear with it.
5. Hand wash your Z Drip in lukewarm water or machine wash with other delicates.
6. And Voila! It's ready for you next cycle.✨
Care instructions
• Do not iron.
• Do not dry clean.
• Do not use bleach or softener.