Lemme Be Women Pain-o-Pause Pain Relief Heat Patch

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You will get upto 499 period points on purchase of this item

Key Features

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, they are:
• Maximum comfort for 8 hours
• Soft & Comfy
• 100% Organic
Equipped with natural ingredients like iron, salt, water, activated carbon, vermiculite, and moisture observer.
This product can cause burns.
• Do not stick directly on the skin.
• Do not use more than one patch in 24 hours.
• Do not use while sleeping.
• Keep checking your skin frequently during use.
• If you find the patch too hot or feel any kind of irritation or discomfort, remove it immediately.
• In case of extreme skin irritation, blisters, or burns, consult a doctor.
Expiry: 2 years while the packaging is not tampered with.


Why bear the pain when you can relieve your period cramps that drive you insane? How? 

With Lemme Be’s Pain-o-pause!

Why Pain-o-Pause

Why Pain-o-Pause?
Normalizing period cramps is not cool.

PMS and cramps are REAL and they need to be addressed.

Let’s leave behind the days of tolerating pain and prioritize our menstrual health !

How to Use

Tear the wrapper.

Peel the sticker from the back of the product.

Stick a patch onto the garment/underwear firmly.

Dispose of the used patch in the dustbin.