Terrified about putting a tampon up there? Let's break down the steps for you

by Anuja Mistry on Feb 05, 2021

Terrified about putting a tampon up there? Let’s break down the steps for you

A step-by-step guide on tampon insertion for teens

 Do you remember your first day at school or your first bike ride?

I believe you do, As it was a time we have no idea how are we suppose to get through this, and in those scared and terrifying moments we were experiencing a turmoil of emotions but our special angel guided us to the correct path, and from that day there was no looking back for us. But when we talk about menstrual hygiene then why you need to look back instead of move forward and embrace the new you in new ways. We should gear on courage and be bold enough to explore the various convenient and comfortable options for sanitary hygiene instead of trying the traditional sanitary pads which gave us discomfort in every step.

 On that note, Let's bring out the elephant in the room, Yes it’s tampons.

Tampons are something that is always left in the dark as people had various misconceptions about them and never saw them as a convenient option for menstrual hygiene. Instead, they used to have weird thoughts about it like it’s disgusting, it’s gonna stay inside the body, etc. Because of these thoughts, tampons can never make it to your bathroom shelf. Every person on their period usually treats tampons as some high tech and complicated device. But the truth is that tampons are easy, convenient and a great choice as a menstrual hygiene product.

 Tampons are products used to absorb your menstrual blood flow. They are made of soft cotton which is given a cylindrical shape so that they can get easily inserted inside your vagina.

To a first-timer, tampons may sound too technical and messy but in reality, it's quite simple to use but as a first-timer, it’s a bit natural to be scared but with correct initial guidelines you could nail the process. 

  • So, here’s the right way to wear a tampon. Start by washing your hands. Twist open the tampon, then pull the tampon string downwards.
  • Sit or stand in a comfortable position. Try sitting on the toilet seat, standing with one foot on the edge of the toilet or bathtub, or any position u feel comfortable.
  • Hold the tampon with your fingers. And with the other hand unravel the string. Hold the string and twist it several times. This will help the tampon cotton to create a dip. 
  • With your other hand, open the labia (the folds of skin around the vaginal opening) and insert the tampon in the vaginal opening. And make sure the string faces outward your body.
  • Gently push the tampon into the opening, Once your fingers touch your body and the end part of the tampon, you can stop as it's completely inside the vagina.
  • Make sure to leave the string hanging outside the vaginal opening.
  • A Tampon is correctly inserted if you don’t feel any discomfort but in case you're not comfortable then you need to remove the tampon and start again. 
  • Later, to remove a tampon, just pull down on the removal string. Voila! We’re done!

 Don’t worry if you don't get itn the first time, tampons can be a little tricky to master (yes, even a little frustrating at first!), but with the correct information and a little practice, we promise, you’ll nail it!. So go forward and discover the joys of using a tampon with Lemme Be organic tampons that are 100% biodegradable and specially designed for teens of various sizes to give them a splendid menstrual experience without any hassle and discomfort. So, girls, what are you waiting for to bring out the New Age Chic in you who is fearless and adventurous with Lemme Be teen tampons.

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