Preparing a Valentine's Day period care package for your significant other

by Anuja Mistry on Jan 06, 2022

Preparing a Valentine’s Day period care package for your significant other

If your romantic red day has turned into a literal red day, that too around Valentine's Day we are sure it can be quite the bummer. But don't fret, we’re sure your partner and you will settle for a movie night clubbed with some Chinese take out. Sounds good right? Unfortunately, it's not the best idea for your body, especially when you are on your period.


You see, greasy foods clubbed with alcohol and the pressure of date night can be quite stressful on your mind and body. A period is like a cherry on top of this disastrous sundae. Instead, your partner and you can choose to make a romantic DIY period care kit for you. One that says you are loved, no matter what the situation.


Since it's DIY, you can get creative and even personalise your period care kit according to your preferences. Let's get started.


The Holy Grail - essentials for your period

This will make a great exercise for your partner - they can actually go to a store to purchase menstrual hygiene products for you. It will help them dial down on the stigma and the stereotype that the opposite sex doesn't purchase sanitary pads, liners or tampons.


Snacking together

We are sure your partner and you love to snack and cuddle up in front of the ol’ telly, but this time try switching out your normal unhealthy, heavy on oil and salt snacks to something that will ease those cravings and won't make you feel bloated.

Some ideas are -

  • Dark chocolate
  • Roasted nuts - go nuts on flavours
  • Roasted seeds
  • Dried kiwis, apricots, other fruits
  • Caffeine-free teas
  • Multivitamin gummies or other chewable candy


Head massage

Many people often wonder how a head massage is supposed to help with our period flow but there’s just something about warm, scented oil running through our scalp that can relax us and allow the blood to flow easily. So tell your partner to take the hint, add a bottle of essential oil to your period kit and get a relaxing head, neck and shoulder massage from them as a Valentine's Day treat.


Pain relief measures

Not all of us have easy flowing periods, for some people, their period can be their toughest time of the month. Don't forget to add some pain relief patches, pain relief roll-on or a hot water bag to your period care kit.


Comfy throw blanket

Ask someone on their period if they want to cuddle into a snuggly blanket or go out running and they will always choose the former. So make sure your partner’s period care kit contains a snuggle throw blanket that they can disappear within during their time of the month.


Get a subscription

We think a truly sweet Valentine's Day gift for your partner is the assurance that they never have to keep track of their period or worry about running out of period supplies. A subscription to our Period Pro kit will ensure your partner has a monthly supply of pads, tampons and liners delivered to their doorstep. Boo brownie points? We think so!


If your partner has done all the above for you, they certainly know how to #BeThere4Boo. If they haven't, well, this article can get them started!


Happy Valentine's Day. Tell that period to LemmeBe.

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