Tampon hygiene tips: What every beginner should know

by Anuja Mistry on Jan 30, 2023

Tampon hygiene tips: What every beginner should know

Tampon hygiene tips: What every beginner should know


The most beautiful and enlightening days of our life can also be equally challenging. 

How is it going for a 14-year-old? Ugh, Don’t even talk about it. *door bang*  

Puberty hits us hard, it messes us down there and also up in our head - menses, ugh, hair, eww. Honestly, these challenges come pretty early in life, and oh boy do they come unannounced.


Besides the zillions of questions, a pile of confusion, and zilch of honest answers they also bring in some basic technical difficulties. We girls can talk about it for hours. Ok, first we have pain, then we have blood and pain, then we think about how to plug both of them, then how to avoid leakage and just get through with it. Let’s not forget the mood slaps that go all along. That’s fine. We learn to deal with this with time. And with the right kind of physical aids like suitable tampons and pads, we can mostly continue our lives as we want. 


One aspect that should remain with us always is our hygiene in menses. Indeed, the teeth-gritting pain in our periods can often make us lazy and coax us into skipping a few basic hygiene actions. But, this needs to be taken seriously.


Engrave it in your memory that intimate hygiene is of utmost essentiality in our lives. 


Tampons are pretty convenient for a stain-free period, and they can be the perfect companion in menses. Besides understanding the nitty-gritty of using a tampon,  keep in mind these simple Tampon hygiene tips, especially for all the newbies.


  • Wash your hands with soap and water just after and before use, and after you dispose of it. Hands could be the primary source of disease transfer from others to you or from you to others. Let us keep our hands clean at all times to protect everyone including ourselves.


  • Set a reminder to change your tampon every 4-6 hours. If there is heavy flow, you can think about changing it within 4 hours. A tampon might harbour some unwanted bacterias if used for a really long time. Not to worry, our box of Lemme Be mini tampons would be perfect for teenage girls to have a stress free and stain free menstruation. Check it out here!


  • It is ok to sleep while wearing a Tampon unless you are sleeping for more than 6 hours. Just keep this in mind while going night-night. In fact, Sanitary pads would be more suitable at night for young girls. Check out our box of Lemme Be night pads with large rears that are extra convenient to have a good night’s sleep without worrying about staining and leaks.


  • Wash yourself regularly with water, especially after you make a change. It is advisable to clean your intimate areas as much as possible.


  • Dispose of your Tampon properly. It is only civil to wrap your tampons properly in a paper and then throw it in an assigned Dustbin.  It is a request not to trash it anywhere, exposed, and increase health risk for people around it. 


Memorize these tips, apply when needed and share with as many people as possible. This is our responsibility towards others and ourselves. 

Live free, live empowered, and live like a boss but RESPONSIBLY!

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