Tampons vs Pads: Decoding the big period conundrum

by Anuja Mistry on Apr 01, 2023

Tampons vs Pads: Decoding the big period conundrum

Tampons vs Pads: Which one's better for your teenage daughter?

The herculean question of whether to use pads or tampons strikes yet again! Knowing that you would want the absolute best for your teenage daughter, Lemme Be is here to simplify this choice.

 The Lemme Be tampons are specifically designed for young bodies. The material of the tampon is such that it immediately soaks up the menstrual blood from inside the vagina allowing a stain-free experience during your menses. Moreover, its guaranteed organic cotton ensures zero fragrances keeping you happy throughout!

 Hopping over to pads, the Oxo-Biodegradable Pads provided by Lemme Be offers a safe and environmentally friendly period. Innately these are extremely skinny and also have an Anti Leakage design or a U-design, keeping you safe & secure throughout.

 Why should you use the Lemme Be Pads?

  • Heavy Flow: The Superior quality of the Lemme Be pads shield you from any leakages to come your way. Furthermore, it is mapped out just for your heavy flow needs, which can absorb up to 8-12 ml of Blood. 
  • Comfort- Say goodbye to staying awake at night as Lemme Be has got your back! The Lemme Be’s Superior Quality Box of night pads can now absorb up to 12-15 ml of blood leaving you with a happy night’s sleep. Moreover, the larger back-end design of the pads gives you a worry-free night!
  • Stress-Free- Looking for a stress-free period? Fear Not! Lemme Be’s pad liners offer you the best care for your light flow & white discharge needs. So say goodbye to the stress and hello to Lemme Be.

Why should you use the Lemme Be Tampons?

  • First-timers- Lemme Be Superior Quality Pack of tampons gives you excellent care for your regular flow. Moreover their cotton-based organic tampons absorb a good 6-9 gms blood, made specifically for teenage girls who experience their period for the first time.  
  • Stain-free period- Ready for your teenage daughter to take her first step into womanhood? Well, Lemme Be’s Pack of 15 Mini Tampons are specifically designed for a rash & stain free experience for a comfortable period.
  • Convenience- Scared of getting your period? Don't be! Lemme Be’s Superior Quality Pack of 8 Mini Tampons are so light that one forgets that they are on their period. Furthermore, their tiny sizes are equipped to capture your blood flow needs exactly!

Thus don't be afraid of your teenage daughter getting her period, make the right choices with Lemme Be Pads or Tampons, and have a happy period!

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