Transition to Green: What Makes Eco-Friendly Tampons the Best Choice?

by Devidutta Dash on Mar 28, 2024

Transition to Green: What Makes Eco-Friendly Tampons the Best Choice?

When it is that time of the month, you need to be well-prepared with an arsenal of sanitary products to combat your periods! For people who menstruate, sanitising menstrual cups and menstrual discs and stocking up on menstrual products like sanitary napkins and tampons become necessary at all times. But owing to our responsibilities towards Mother Earth, being sustainable is too essential. So, in our strive to be gentle on our planet and our body, we are focusing on the real MVPs of period products— tampons. 

Tampons, or their various versions, have been around since time immemorial! From inserting moss, small sand-filled bags and even paper— women have done it all across the globe. However, it was during the later years that the version of tampons we use today became popular.

While tampons create a substantially lesser environmental impact when compared to sanitary napkins but in the larger scheme of things, these little period tampons too, pose a threat. Just like sanitary napkins, even tampons are manufactured from a combination of synthetic materials like polyester and rayon. For easier application, several brands also use plastic applicators and let us not even get started on its individual impact! The plastic waste generated from these applicators often ends up in landfill or, worse, the ocean, which takes centuries to decompose. While easy to use and dispose of, the toll it takes on the environment cannot be ignored. 

Enter the unsung hero of making periods easy and sustainable— biodegradable or organic tampons. 

These little period buddies are made using biodegradable materials like organic cotton that is free of nasty chemicals. And the best part? These tampons are plastic applicator-free! Often, for added comfort and ease of using, several tampons have applicators made using cardboard or similar biodegradable alternatives that certainly won't outlive your great-great-grandkids! 

Now, doesn't that sound good for the environment? Don't worry, it's good for your body too! Compared to traditional tampons that have traces of questionable chemicals, eco-friendly tampons have no harmful chemicals that can pose a risk to your reproductive health.  

Now, if you exclusively use sanitary pads, tampons might feel like a big change, but remember, only with small steps can you take a giant leap! So, in a world full of sanitary products, which brand do you choose that is not only good for your body but also for the environment? 

Choose a brand that reflects unlimited concern for your body and the environment— Lemme Be! 

While the naysayers will argue that the traditional tampons and the eco-friendly range of organic tampons both have the same type of ability to absorb fluid, amongst the other leakproof features. So, what exactly makes Lemme Be’s 100% Cotton Certified Biodegradable Tampons different? 

Lemme Be Tampons not only give a hassle-free insertion-removal experience but also ensure that the menstruator does not feel any discomfort owing to its soft and comfy texture. What’s more? These tampons give you a rash-free period with zero leaks and guarantee 6 hours long protection that can help you gear up for any activity you have lined up for the day. 

To add a cherry on top, Lemme Be’s 100% Cotton Certified Biodegradable Tampons are FDA certified, which ensures your complete safety and are chemical-free as you use them to tackle your period. Moreover, these recyclable tampons are completely organic and cruelty-free, making them one of the best tampon brands available in the market currently. 

So, what are you waiting for? Christmas?

Order your very own pack of  Lemme Be’s 100% Cotton Certified Biodegradable Tampons as per your flow; choose from Light Flow, Regular Flow and Heavy Flow tampons now! For more information, visit Lemme Be

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