7 Ways How Organic Sanitary Pads Will Change Your Life

by Protyusha on Aug 14, 2021

7 Ways How Organic Sanitary Pads Will Change Your Life

We all have a love-hate relationship with periods. Though we hate cramps on these low-energy days, we still sigh of relief when we get our periods.

Sanitary napkins have traditionally been our go-to menstrual product. Still, they’re far from being the perfect choice. The constant cycle of rash, UTI, PC's, excessive heat from the plastic pads are total and a constant nightmare.

We mean, shouldn’t periods be comfortable and without the added irritation of rash, irritated skin, and discomfort? We think not.


What Are Organic (or Oxo-Biodegradable) Pads?


Apart from being comfortable, Oxo - Biodegradable napkins break down easily in the environment compared to plastic pads. And don’t contribute to hideous plastic dumps. They’re effectively free from plastics, latex, rayon, or other harmful additives/dyes.

 Because why not choose a product that is better for the environment and more comfortable. B

7 Reasons to Switch to Eco-Friendly Sanitary Napkins

Lemme love my skin

Cotton pads for periods use a completely natural cellulose core. They’re quite efficient at keeping you dry and not irritating your skin around your genitalia. No irritation means no rash! P.S. You’re also protected from harmful chemicals during this time. You’re welcome.

Lemme breathe

Does your vagina feel suffocated during your period? Toss your ordinary pad and give plastic-free sanitary pads a try. By using cotton pads for periods, you can let your skin breathe and keep yourself dry simultaneously! Moreover, its softer material makes it less likely for you to get irritated skin or rash.

With breathability, you also reduce the risk of contracting bacterial and fungal infections. So organic cotton pads, ftw right?

Lemme Sustain

Did you know that an average non-organic pad takes up to 800 years to decompose? Cotton pads, on the other hand, decompose in a short span of six months!

Moreover, by using cotton pads, you also support pesticide-free organic cotton farming and save bees, birds, and insects. Plus, organic pads’ manufacturing takes less energy and water to manufacture.

Wanna feel like an eco-conscious superhero? We get you completely!

Lemme afford

Contrary to popular belief, organic pads aren’t an elitist fancy product only a few can afford. In fact, in many cases, they cost as much as your regular pads.

You can get a monthly pack of Lemme Be Pads Set of 28 pads containing seven-day pads, seven-night pads, and seven panty liners for an affordable price of Rs.364! We believe that they’re the best biodegradable sanitary pads on the market. Get your pack today.

Lemme avoid chemicals

In the garb of keeping you ‘fresh’ for longer, conventional pads heavily douse their products in perfumes and fragrances. However, since these substances are still chemicals, itching, soreness, and other issues are natural. Additionally, they can also alter your vagina’s pH balance and cause infections, UTIs, and vaginosis.

With organic cotton pads, though, you get freshness and comfort without irritation.

Lemme be comfy

News flash: Pads made with synthetic fibres hardly contain cotton. Some of them may have a tiny percent, but it’s not enough. They use fabrics that feel like cotton instead. However, since they’re artificial, they can cause irritation and allergies.

Organic pads are their opposites, though. By simply touching them both, you’ll be able to tell they’re much softer and will be quite comfortable.

Gynaecologist agrees!

We’ve left the best point for the last. Gynecologists highly recommend organic pads for menstruating women because they’re hygienic and reduce the risk of harmful side effects.

There’s just a natural softness in these products that eases a difficult period. Isn’t that all we ask for? Just try eco-friendly sanitary napkins. We assure you that you’ll never go back!


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