Own Your Period Mess: Embrace the Menstrual Cup Revolution

by Anuja Mistry on Sep 08, 2021


It’s time to own our period mess!

Period mess is unavoidable. Period.

Have you ever had a clean menstrual cycle? Me neither!

No matter what we do, the stain and odor always find their way out! And don’t even get me started on the stickiness and is just a lot to take in.

As you know, while menstruating, it is not just blood that comes out of your vagina but, there is a lot of other stuff too. And that is a lot of mess.

So the biggest concern is how to reduce it?

After using and getting irritated by almost all the types of sanitary pads and tampons, I tried the menstrual cup, and it was the best decision! It is fascinating how the cup can hold menses inside it without any stains, odor, or rashes.

The menstrual cup is highly reliable but does it assure zero mess?

Well, as far as the mess on the inside is concerned, you can rely on your menstrual cup but, when it comes to removing it, umm...things tend to get a bit messy.

Of course, with practice, you can reduce the spilling and turning your washroom into a crime scene. But no menstrual product can help you to eliminate the mess.

Why should I consider using a menstrual cup if the mess is unavoidable?

The answer is simple, to reduce the waste for a greener environment! Let me walk you through it.

Do you know how many sanitary napkins does one menstruator use in a lifetime? More than 16,000! Yep, that many.

And can you guess how this waste is disposed of? It is dumped in the landfills, sewers, and water bodies!

The sanitary pads are made of super-absorbent polymers (SAP) which help in absorbing the blood. But they take around 500-800 years to decompose. And when they gradually break down into micro-plastics, they further contaminate the soil, water, and air. The worst part is these harmful toxins end up entering our food chain...No, God! Please No! Nooo…!

The menstrual cup, on the other hand, is eco-friendly! It can be reused for upto 3-5 years, which means zero waste! Unlike the material used in sanitary pads, the silicone used in the menstrual cup degrades over time. The menstrual cup like Lemme Be's ZCup is made of medical grade silicone which can be recycled!

You can use it for gardening or, you can chop or grind it into small pieces and bury it in the ground. 

When you have such a feasible and environment-friendly companion, why ignore it? Why does Mother Nature have to bear the responsibility just because you are grossed out by your menses?

Honey, it is okay to spill when you are removing your menstrual cup. It is alright to get some blood on your hands. I know it’s super annoying! But isn’t it better to get a little dirty than letting the planet take a hit?

We can definitely take a little bit of eww gross blood instead of making Mother Nature choke on the toxic waste of menstrual products for million years!

Let’s make the Earth suffer less by owning the mess!

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