Busting myths around hymen breakage and tampon usage for teens

by Anuja Mistry on Nov 10, 2023

Busting myths around hymen breakage and tampon usage for teens

Tampon Usage for Teens

Teenage is an important phase.. After all, you don’t just have to explore your interests but also indulge in extra-curricular activities, without any fear or hesitation. And we understand that having periods for the first time is a daunting experience, which brings in mood swings and also lowers confidence in most teens. Be rest assured, Lemme Be is here to provide you with a comfortable period!

Pads have been the most preferred product but it’s now time to upgrade into something less of a hassle, so you can live your period days to the fullest. And this is possible through Lemme Be Tampons, which can be directly inserted in the vagina, with only a small string visible outside. Tampons efficiently absorb all the menstrual blood before it comes out, so they are quite convenient. 

While many people wonder what the right age is for starting to use tampons, there is no such age bar. Tampons are considered safe and comfortable worldwide and can be used right from the time when a person starts menstruating. 

Some major advantages of using a Tampon are:

  1. There is no sensation of wet feeling 
  2. You don’t have to avoid swimming or beaches while you are on a period.
  3. More comfortable to wear than sanitary pads
  4. Tampons are pretty small, so you can carry them even in your pockets or purse.
  5. Easier disposal

We believe in providing the best comfort and hassle-free experience to teens during their periods, so they don’t have to think twice to say yes to parties, fests and everything else that they love celebrating. Tampons might seem new to people already using pads, but once it is tried, it would be difficult to say no to it. Tampons are empowering, comfortable and a great option for teenagers, to continue experiencing and exploring life without any hesitation, being carefree and confident.  

Busting myths around hymen breakage and tampon usage for teens


Myth 1: The hymen breaks


The hymen is a membranous tissue and is elastic in nature. It doesn’t break, but it instead bends or it’s torn according to the pressure put on it or stretches to simply accommodate it. The hymen does not actually go anywhere once it’s torn. It just sticks around, gradually thinning away over time. So the hymen does not technically break but it stretches.


Myth 2: I will lose my virginity if I use a Tampon


A virgin is someone who’s never had sexual intercourse. There is a common myth that a person is only a virgin if their hymen is not torn! Hence using a tampon will not affect a person’s virginity under any circumstances.


Ideas and misconceptions about hymen are widely held in today’s societies.
The sad part is that even in today’s day and age, peopel are still put under pressure to live up to these myths.  It’s time we put these myths to end.

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