First Time Intimacy: Essential Positions and Wellness Guidance

by Devidutta Dash on Apr 12, 2024

First Time Intimacy: Essential Positions and Wellness Guidance

Are you feeling anxious and nervous about being intimate for the first time? You may be completely overwhelmed with emotions, and self-doubts about doing it wrong are flooding your mind. Don't worry. It's perfectly normal to experience these emotions and have cold feet about your first-time intimacy. We all want our first time to be memorable, but if you build too much about it in your mind, it will create unnecessary performance pressure, and pressure is the biggest enemy of good sex.  

But when should you start thinking about taking the plunge? Well, let's break it down:

Attraction Sparks Fly: You're crushing harder than a potato chip bag at a snack party! Those thoughts about sex? They're like surprise guests – exciting but not stealing the show... yet!

Getting Cozy: As you cozy up and get to know each other, those thoughts turn into background music – always there but not too loud, like elevator jazz at a fancy mall.

Emotional Rollercoaster: When emotions hit peak levels, and trust becomes as solid as your Netflix binge-watching habits, thoughts about sex become like dessert options – tempting and leaving you curious for more.

Intimacy Flows: When both of you feel like a synchronized dance routine, it's like fireworks at a backyard barbecue – magical, electrifying, and signaling the start of something special!

But remember, there are some ground rules to keep in mind:

Things You Should Know About First-Time Sex 

You want to unleash your wild and crazy self between the sheets, but your partner is excessively busy with work and has little time or energy after work. You are experiencing a rollercoaster of emotions and feeling anxious and bothered by the lack of intimacy with your partner. Here are a few tips that you can follow to relax because trust us-you will have great sex if you're calm and relaxed. 

🔥 Don't Feel Too Pressurized:

Don't let pressure crash your party! Use Lemme be personal massagers for a chill vibe or heat things up with a pre-sex shower for that fresh feeling.

🌿 Allow Things to Move Naturally:

No need to rush! Take your time to cuddle, watch a movie, or chat about your sexy expectations. Slow and steady wins the pleasure race!

💋 Go for a Spicy Foreplay:

Get the mood sizzling with passionate kisses, teasing touches, and sharing your wildest fantasies. It's the appetizer for an epic main course!

🗣️ Communicate:

Talk it out, baby! Share your desires, boundaries, and turn-ons. No holding back – honesty is the key to unlocking blissful experiences.

💦 Keep Your Tools Ready:

Lubes are your playful sidekick! Go wild, but stick to water-based ones for a slippery and enjoyable ride.

🚫 Don't Focus Too Much on Orgasm:

Let go of the pressure to reach the peak. Enjoy the exploration, giggles, and new experiences – the journey is the real treasure!

Crazy Sex Positions for Wild Ride Into the Ocean of Ecstacy   

The Slow and Sweet 69: Kick off your intimate adventure with a slow and tantalizing 69 experience. Forget the rush and take your time to savor every sensation. Explore the feel and taste of your partner, building arousal gradually. Remember, the best things come to those who wait – hold off on that climax until it's nearly unbearable for an explosive finale!

The Cozy Koala Cuddle: Next up, embrace the cozy closeness of The Cozy Koala. Snuggle up with your partner like cuddly koalas in a tree. Take it slow, enjoy the intimacy, and let the warmth of your connection lead the way to ultimate pleasure.

The Sensual Serenade Grind: Get into the groove with The Sensual Serenade. It's like a slow dance of pleasure where grinding replaces thrusting, maximizing clitoral contact and creating an intimate, rhythmic experience. It's a sensual symphony of sensations that'll leave you both singing with pleasure!

The Cuddle Delight Side-By-Side: Wrap up your intimate journey with The Cuddle Delight. This side-by-side position is perfect for first-time intimacy, allowing you to focus on sensations and emotional connection. It's like a warm hug that leads to peak pleasure in a cozy, comforting environment. Take your time, explore each other's desires, and enjoy the delightful cuddles that lead to unforgettable moments. 

First-time intimacy is incomplete without sexual wellness. And when we talk about sexual wellness, we cannot leave out personal messages. The pocket-size dynamite can do wonders for sexual well-being. Full body massagers or personal massagers are a critical component of a post-intimate routine to relax body muscles, provide better reproductive care and leave you on cloud nine.    

Enter LemmeBe: Your Passport to Ultimate Pleasure 

Lemme Be products are truly a gem. From the innovative Reusable Medical Grade Silicone Menstrual Disc with a soft pouch for mess-free sex for that time of the month to the sensational Wave Lemme Ride personal massager, everything is a bomb-dot-com. When it comes to personal body massagers, the Lemme Wave Ride massager is the ticket to heavenly relaxation and also spices up sexual energy with your partner. They aren’t just any massagers but crème de la crème of sexual wellness products. 

  • Take a deep dive into the world of massage sensations with Wave's 5 modes. Whether you want gentle vibrations or electrifying pulsations, this vibrant device offers customisable massage experiences. 
  • It offers a peaceful messaging experience, allowing you to embrace privacy and tranquility. You can celebrate the ultimate pleasure without unwanted attention. 
  • Wave's waterproof adroitness allows you to experience sexual relaxation, even during a hot shower session or a peaceful shower ambience.     
  • Bid adieu to battery problems. Conveniently use Wave by plugging into any USB port for an extended blissful experience. 

So, are you ready to make your me time the best by using Lemme be massagers? 

So there you have it! Selecting the correct position and focusing on sexual wellness, you are in for a joyride. Go ahead and explore the most beautiful part of your love life.   

PS: Don't be afraid to laugh, as first-time sex can be messy, awkward and funny. 

Embrace the laughter and enjoy the lighter moments together.

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