Looking forward to an eco-friendly period? Here’s how the ZCup can help you leave a greener footprint.

by Anuja Mistry on May 30, 2022

Looking forward to an eco-friendly period? Here’s how the ZCup can help you leave a greener footprint.

Did you ever wake up to an awesome day, having the best time of your life, and out of nowhere your period is like, ‘Hey, guess who’s back!’...pulling your mood down the drain? And when you finally gather up your emotions to deal with it, you are hit by the realization that along with the pain, mess, and mood swings you have to go through the annoying itchiness and rashes AGAIN, ugh, I feel you.

Yes I know, sanitary pads and tampons are a great comfort but don’t you think they take absorbing way too seriously? They just leave your insides completely dry to the point that it gets itchy. Like me, if you can’t stand the feeling of constant irritation then try using a menstrual cup. Believe you me, it can be a life changing experience.

Although it might seem a bit intimidating to think about the process of inserting and removing a menstrual cup, once you get used to it you can wave goodbye to all those awful rashes.

A menstrual cup like Lemme Be’s Z cup is made from medical grade silicone which fits in your vagina naturally. It collects only your flow without absorbing the good bacteria which help in maintaining moisture inside your body. Additionally, it makes you feel fresh and clean all day long. 

Now let’s talk about the nights, shall we? Isn’t it annoying when after a really long day of juggling through emotions, you finally get comfortable in the bed and suddenly start hearing the whispers of stain demons? Well, now with your menstrual cup you can easily silence them for upto 8-12 hours (depending on your flow). That means you can finally get some peace instead of being on high alert all night.

One of the best features of a menstrual cup is its reusability. You can buy one and reuse it for your entire cycle and continue using it for a good 3-5 years too! Think of the amount of reduction in waste! Sounds like you can finally bleed freely and live green, on the planet and in your wallet!

So, let’s be bold and responsible with our choices by using menstrual cups to bleed freely for a greener life! Remember, bleeding red isn’t a choice, living green is! 

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