Period Care for Teens

by Protyusha on May 11, 2022

Period Care for Teens

It is not easy being young, curious & bubbling with energy and having your bodily hormones go absolutely crazy. Yet, menarche, aka your first period, is cruel enough to hit them in their pre-teen or ‘tween’ phase. Additionally, puberty brings about mood swings (due to hormonal changes) and several added issues. Every child nearing the age of puberty must be given a heads up about it. Wrong conceptions of getting regular periods from the very start are not pleasant at all! 

Did you know that Period Parties celebrate the oncoming adulthood in some cultures? While most reach out for the soothing comfort of a parent. Despite these efforts, however, it does get hard. The mood swings, the worries about staining and for all menstruators, figuring out which period product suits them the best.

Lemme Be brings you an assorted collection of teen period products that will undoubtedly help you- with both comfort and the required time and space in which you can understand your requirements about the myriad of products.

Lemme Be Newbie Period Kit

Let’s face it; the five days are not our favourite time of the month. But the organically cotton-no rashes prep kit will reduce just one issue on your long list.

The Lemme Be newbie kit has everything you might need. It’s the perfect prep kit for someone just on their menarche. You have the freedom of exploring what works best for you- day pads, or night pads, or tampons. Rest assured, you will love it after you try it out!

The kit comes with the following essentials:

  • Seven-days pads
  • Seven-nights pads
  • Ten liners
  • Eight space tampons (specially designed for teen bodies)

The seven-day and night pads kit allows you to experiment and find out if you need anyone kind or both. Sometimes, pads or tampons aren’t enough, and there’s still the dreaded spotting. To avoid conversations like  “hey, do my jeans look fine?” every five minutes; or  “I can’t wear white or light pastel colours” during that time of the month, you can always use the panty liners!

And if you think pads are too uncomfortable and don’t allow you to be yourself during your favourite activities- use tampons! It can also be vice-versa; no one is judging you.

Lemme Be’s period care kit has all the necessities. This would include tampons, panty liners and pads. Make sure you have menstrual hygiene products that make you feel better. Go for the organic stuff, like Lemme Be. They are made from 100% cotton, and they don’t have chemicals, so you don’t have to worry about rashes! Also, add disposable bags or tissues to discard your used sanitary wear. 

It’s recommended that you use a bag or a box where you can pack it all in. You will want to keep your period kit within immediate reach, you never know if your uterus changes its mind and your flow starts a day or two earlier! 

Never forget fresh and comfortable underwear and cleansing wipes in your kit. Sometimes your vagina may have a mind of its own, and the blood flow is as good as a never ending waterfall. Besides, you never know when they decide to get the party started- you might not get the comfort of your personal washroom! 

A pro tip: Keep some roasted almonds and water near you at all times when on your period. This will keep you from ordering junk from unreliable places and regretting it later. 

Having Lemme Be’s period makes life easy, so enjoy sappy rom-com movies & play some Taylor Swift’s music on your phone! 

So with LemmeBe’s organic period care packages and your DIY kit, even the first time will feel comfy.

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