Why Reusable Period Products Are a Game-Changer for the Environment?

by Devidutta Dash on Mar 21, 2024

Why Reusable Period Products Are a Game-Changer for the Environment?

Periods are an unavoidable part of people who menstruate. Traditionally, women used to use things like rag clothes, goat skin and even dried cow dung to deal with their menses! Thankfully, since science has progressed and the importance of feminine products has been emphasised for the nth time by the experts— owing to the power of invention needed for menstrual hygiene, in recent times, disposable period care products like sanitary napkins and tampons are being widely used. As the world has become aware of climate change and the implications of utilising single-use products, reusable period products are becoming mainstream feminine care products. 

So, in today’s age, how can the woke menstruators manage their periods that prove to be a game changer? Read on to know more! 

  • Menstrual Cups: A hero's OG sidekick - Why OG, you say? Menstrual cups were one of the first revolutionary products to take the market by storm after the invention of the latest stackable sanitary pads. Way back in 1867, a menstrual cup was initially just a rubber sack attached to a rubber ring! A fairly innovative product at that time, menstrual cups or 'tassette' as called in 1937, are not too different from the ones we use today, right? However, it was only in the late 80s and early 90s that menstrual cups started shining in the spotlight they deserve!

    Manufactured using medical-grade silicone, rubber, or latex, these little wonderous cups are not only reusable and cost-effective but can also last up to a decade! They not only minimise landfill waste but also contribute towards lowering environmental footprint compared to disposable counterparts. Now, you can find your perfect flow partner as per your preference, too! From the latest range of Lemme Be Period Care Products, the soft silicone variety Z Cups come in various colours, which you can switch depending on your mood! Not only are our Z Cups on the cuter side, but also have a slight tilt to help you maintain a good grip while insertion or removal. Just like your favourite comfort movie, our Z Cups will just hug your body from the inside, and the best part— you won’t even realise that you are on your period. 

  • Tampons: Soft, sung and sustainable - If you are feeling confident enough to gauge your flow, then why not graduate from a sanitary napkin to tampons? When compared to the earlier synthetic sanitary napkins, tampons are a great alternative! Often manufactured with 100% cotton and even organic cotton, tampons are available in different sizes that you can choose from depending on your flow. While tampons will accommodate your flow, they do so much more than that! Why should a week of bleeding keep you from doing your best? Lead an active life like before with Lemme Be Teenpons! Indefinitely helping you reduce the impact on the planet while also having a safe period.

  • Period Panties: A mix of comfort and style - For the days when you want to rock those skirts, or have a long day at college or even have an overnight journey planned, go on as usual (can't rock skinny trousers with these) without worrying about panty-sanitary pad lines or stains-- give period panties a try! The unsung heroes of the eco-friendly period movement – period panties are just like regular panties, but they save you the hassle of using several feminine care products! These leak-proof underwears are designed to handle your flow without compromising style while also relieving you of stress over leakage and stains. Lemme Be's range of period panties Z Drip, Z Drip Max, and Zorb Reusable Period Panties, are not only reusable, as the name suggests but also help you eliminate the need for disposable liners. Hence, making these period panties are an excellent choice for the environmentally-conscious fashionista who is not only ready to rock her looks but also manage her shark week efficiently.

  • Menstrual Disc: Discrete to a tee - A slight variation to the concept of menstrual cups is the period disc. Period discs came into the market as a softer and a more flexible solution that promises comfortable and mess-free periods. True to its name, a period disc is a flat, often made with medical grade silicone, follows the same lead as a menstrual cup but is suction-free and comfortable to use even when you are up for a romp under the sheets! Works best for menstruators with either extremely high or a low uterus and available in different sizes— Lemme Be's Reusable Medical Grade Silicone Menstrual Disc can accommodate different flows and what's more? It has a lower environmental impact than traditional period solutions, period discs certainly offer a modern twist on period care. More so, for menstruators who use Copper T as a contraceptive method. 
  • We understand that for the novice menstruators, the above period care products might be overwhelming so we need to give a shout-out to our honorary period warriors!
    Feeling adventurous and ready to take on Aunt Flo? Well, Lemme Be has just the range of best reusable period products for you. From Sanitary Napkins, Tampons, and Menstrual Cups to even Period Panties— find your period partner now

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