How To Celebrate A Colourful Holi On Your Red Days

by Protyusha on Nov 14, 2021

How To Celebrate A Colourful Holi On Your Red Days

You step out into the compound. A bright colour splashes across your shirt. You sneeze due to the colour and a bright red liquid splashes its way out of your uterus. Honestly, periods and Holi don’t seem to be the best combination but it won’t stop us from doing what we want.

We’re often a little nervous about playing Holi on our periods because we’re scared of stains, or just too tired because of the cramps. The hormone roller coaster makes having fun tougher than usual and ‘bura na mano, holi hai’ does little to cheer you up. We’ve put together some tips and ways you can prepare to play Holi this year without seeing RED all through the celebration. 

Before we get into the details, it’s also fine if you don’t want to celebrate and play and prefer to sit at home and relax. You do you! 

Holi ki tayaari 

Playing Holi is all about strategy. How to get colour and water on your friends while still not changing colours every two seconds like a chameleon. The same way prepping for periods is all about strategy. Make sure you have marked your potential period dates out on a calendar and also the dates that might be the toughest. That way you can deploy all the safety measures beforehand. 

Use the right menstrual products

It’s fine to use pads but these have a higher chance of leaking, getting completely wet and soaked with your blood, water and colours. So it’s better to use tampons, menstrual  cups and menstrual discs. Since these are all products that you insert, they can collect the blood and keep you dry from the inside. This way, pools can always be on your splash list.

Keep your trustworthy shields ready 

Are you even a true Holi lover if you don’t have a backup plan when all your colours are over? No right! There’s always that extra filled pichkari that could save the day. 

In the same way, you need to keep yourself equipped for the worst situations. Keep a clean water bottle near you so that you can stay hydrated at all times. Keep this one away from the colours and the water guns. 

Take pain relief medicines to keep the painful cramps and body pain away. This depends from person to person so choose it as per your needs. 

Cramp-relief patches are also available. These can be stuck on and could help ease any major troubles. 

Do me a favour (let’s play Holi consensually) 

Ironically, most Bollywood Holi songs never talk about consent. Getting sprayed with colours when you don’t want it is not romantic at all. So let’s set our own boundaries well. 

Talk to your friends and inform them that you’re on your period. I think we’re easily past the sharam stage if people are touching you with colours. Talk about what you’re comfortable with, who you’re comfortable with and the kind of time and space you need. Remember you’re not being a spoilsport but just making the celebration fun for everyone including yourself. 

The fit check 

Your Holi vibes might be just on point but uncomfortable clothes can toss it all out. Wearing white on Holi has some important significance, but you can choose to wear your comfortable clothes. Dark-coloured clothing will help you be less conscious of stain stress. Wearing loose and cotton clothes will keep the irritation and rashes away. 

Hydrate yourself and your skin well before you start playing as these colours are quite drying and can cause irritation. Use coconut oil on your head and use moisturisers to prepare yourself well for all the fun. 

The point of Holi is to celebrate, have fun, spread love and positivity around. You can celebrate with colours the way you like. Go out and play or just stay home. It’s your choice. In case you do stain, remember that your period blood is a good stain and is nothing to be ashamed about. 

Welcome Spring in your own unique way and have a fun-filled celebration. Happy Holi! 

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