Tampon sizes: Which one to pick for teenagers?

by Parmi Savla on Aug 02, 2021

Tampon sizes: Which one to pick for teenagers?

Tampon sizes: Which one to pick for teenagers? - a personal account

 “I don’t want to lose my virginity to a tampon.”

 The fear of hymen breakage was one of the biggest reasons I didn’t use a tampon for many years as a teenager. The sheer size of a tampon and the idea that I had to fit it into a tiny, and frankly, an unfamiliar area, was very scary. 

 But when I finally worked up the courage to try it, the solution was rather simple - start small.

 The first time was an unforgettable experience. I bought a pack a few days before my period to give it a try before the cramps kicked in. This was a bad move. Turns out, during your period, because the walls of the vagina are lubricated with blood, the insertion of a tampon is much easier.

 I watched several videos about tampon insertion techniques, the various types of a woman’s vaginas, and the smallest possible teenage size I could try. Finally, after much preparation, I was ready to try on a tampon for the second time, this time on my period. 

 I picked the second day of my period since my flow is the heaviest on this day and the cramps are a little lesser. Made myself comfortable on the toilet and took a few deep breaths to completely relax. After about 20 minutes, I finally managed to insert the tiny tampon. It felt quite strange. The next 2 hours, I must’ve run to the bathroom at least 20 times. Afraid of spills, leaks, and that I didn’t fit it in right. To finally ease my mind, I wore a panty liner. Then came the experience of removing a tampon for the first time. Overall, it was a day to remember.

 It took me another period cycle or two to really find my fit. Slowly, I started exploring the normal-sized tampons on the days with a heavier flow. Insertion and removal took lesser time with every try.

 Soon my cupboard was filled with tampons of multiple sizes - for the days with less flow, heavy flow, and of course, my workout tampons. But I made it a point to never extend the time for which I wore a tampon. My gynecologist had specifically mentioned that even if I used different sizes on the days with different flows, it should never be to the extent the time for which I wore it, but only to accommodate the different bleeding patterns.

Though it took me a little time to figure it all out, using a tampon has changed my life. I no longer have rashes and constant wetness around my vagina for 3 days every month. It’s almost as if I can put the tampon in and forget that I am on my period until it’s time for me to change it. There’s no going back now

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